What Is The Process For Building An Inground Swimming Pool?

Design – 1 to 4 Weeks

It all starts with converting your dreams into a design. You will need to get a plat of your property and then meet with a pool designer to discuss the vision you have. You will collaborate back and forth to finalize your pool design.

Permitting – 3 to 12 weeks

Most cities and counties require a residential building permit, Plumbing, gas and electrical permit at the very least. There are many different permits that you may be required to have in order to be approved to build a swimming pool. You may need a conservation and grading plans, an engineered structural drawling as well if your county requires it.

Excavation – 1 to 2 weeks

pool construction

To dig the hole for the pool usually takes about one to two days. However, many factors come into play like weather, utility lines, large masses of rock, and other obstructions that can make completion take a little longer then expected.

Steel, Plumbing, & Electrical – 1 to 3 Weeks

After the hole is dug, it will then be time to lay the reinforced steel. This will make the shape of your swimming pool. Plumbing and electrical will be build in as well. This is a complex process because you are routing the way for pool’s system, lighting, water features, spa, and any other amenities you will have.

Gunite – 1 Day

The shell of the pool is then shot using gunite. This is a concrete material that takes about 28 days to cure generally.

Tile & Coping – 1 to 2 Weeks

After the gunite has cured, then it is time to install the tile and coping around the pool and spa. Weather providing, this process usually is able to be completed within a few days.

Pool Decking & Custom Features – 1 to 3 Weeks

After the pool is built and nearly finished, you will want a deck or patio to surround it. You may also want landscaping and water features such as deck laminar jets.

Plaster – 1 Day

Last but not least is plaster day. This is where your pool will finally have that beautiful finished look. Aggregate finishes consist of pebbles, ceramic-coated crystals, quartz, glass, or stone. These ingredients are mixed with a cement based pigmented plaster. After the plaster is applied, pool will be filled quickly (usually with trucked in water). It must be brushed at minimum once per day for two weeks. During the plaster curing process (about 3 weeks) no use of automatic pool cleaners, heater, or salt is advised.


Weather and materials are the biggest factors in the mix. The process time can range greatly because of this. Taking the proper steps to get started will help move things along.

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Inground gunite pool with spa, sun ledge, bubblers, and LED laminar deck jets, build by Countryside Pool Services, LLC

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