Swimming Pool Supplies Shortage

There is an industry wide shortage partially due to a large fire at the BioLab facility as well as to the ongoing impact Covid-19 has had on production. Not to mention the devastating winter storm, that caused unspeakable amounts of damage to swimming pool owners in Texas.

Since the beginning of the pandemic and subsequent shutdown, the swimming pool industry has been grappling with shortages of all kinds, including building materials, supplies and labor. With many consumers spending more time at home, demand skyrocketed for pools and everything that goes with them, including chlorine. With BioLab*, maker of trichlor chlorine tablets, suddenly out of commission for an unknown period, pool professionals are left to deal with the shortage.

Manufacturers have struggled to keep up with the demand as pool companies continue to get little relief from the effects of Covid-19 related shortages. Many pool service companies have opted to switch to liquid chlorine and other alternatives during the shortage. 

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