Is My Pool Leaking?

First, lets determine if you may have a leak somewhere, or is it just evaporation? Naturally, swimming pools lose water from evaporation. For example, if you have a very hot day, and then over night the temperatures are pretty cold, then this is definitely a factor in why you may be losing water. Is your swimming pool covered? If you are not using a cover, then this may contribute too. And don’t forget to take into consideration backwashing water-waste as well.

How Can I test Myself?

1. Check What You Can See

Check your equipment area first. Look closely at the filter, pump, heater, and pipe valves. Walk the perimeter of your pool area. Check the ground for wet areas, moisture, sunken or eroding soil. Do you see dirt or debris coming into the pool? Is the pool’s plaster, tile, coping, and skimmers clear of any cracks?

2. Bucket Test

The bucket test is an easy and totally expense free way to test for a leak yourself. First get a 5 gallon bucket and fill it half way with pool water. Place it on your pool’s step, making sure the water in the bucket is the same level as the water in the pool. Mark the inside and outside of the bucket at the water line. Check the marked water on the bucket 24 hours later to see if the water in the pool has dropped below the bucket marking. This test needs to be done with the pump on, and again with the pump off. If there’s a big drop, then you have confirmed you have a leak.

3. Tape Test

Like the bucket test, this is a test you can do that is easy and cost free. Take a piece of tape and place it at your water line. Check the tape marker 24 hours later. Your pool should lose no more then 1/4 inch per day. If you have, then you may have confirmed a leak.

4. Dye Test

Most common leaks happen in the skimmer. Drop some dye in and near the skimmer with the pump off, to see if the dye is sucked into a crack. Under water lights and accessories can leak as well. Drop some dye in these areas too.

5. Leak Detection

Having a professional leak detection company come pin point the leak will cost you some money. But if you have tried the tests listed above and you are still losing a great deal of water, then it may be well worth hiring them to check it out. Leak detection companies use specialized equipment such as a pressure rig and sonar tools to see and hear exactly where a leak is located. This is extremely helpful, considering you may have more then one leak.

Hopefully after doing these simple test, you can determine if it is only evaporation or an actual leak somewhere. If it has been determined that a leak is present, along with the location, an experienced swimming pool company like Countryside Pool Services can do the leak repair for you. Countryside Pool Services has over 15 years of experience repairing leaks in all areas of the pool, equipment area, and surrounding deck area.

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